Writer tag helps delete tons of restaurants from your web search.

Writer tag helps delete tons of restaurants from your web search.

Writer tag helps delete tons of restaurants from your web search.Writer tag helps delete tons of restaurants from your web search.Writer tag helps delete tons of restaurants from your web search.

About Lee Kitchen




Eight full-length plays, four completed screen plays, fourteen 10-minute plays and two short plays. Two new screenplays in progress. 

Finished the revisions based upon proofreader's notes for plays, SOS (Swans of Stratford) and revised Soul Coat

March reading of Shylock Texting  at the Writer's Corner at the SETC two weeks ago. Consensus: "very funny play" but will slightly modify the ending to have both characters agree. Great, listening to talented actors read the play.

Participated in the Dramatist Guild Song Writer Circle. Have worked with  other lyricists and four composers on four songs.  An incredible learning experience. Have so much appreciation for my collaborator's talent. 




Completed new spin off of The Audition titled The Doll Man. It is more GP friendly and hopefully humorous to a broader audience.

Also completed major revision of JoJo Mama and the Voodoo Queen as a modern screenplay and a revised stage play .

The Audition (Bronco's Dolls  Go to Hollywood) 

"That short screenplay is the weirdest thing I’ve read in awhile and I mean that as a compliment because it doesn’t seem to be just an exercise of the writer’s mind but just so darn funny and an interesting story.  It is really funky and funny." From nationally recognized novelist and short story writer, April .

SCABS  received Best the Best Short Screenplay Award at the Oaxaca Filmfest in October and the best TV pilot at the Oregon Comedy Film Festival fall,  and at the Atlanta Comedy Festival, July 2018.



FYI: Chose the name of the website as Leekitchenwriter because  online search for the name, Lee Kitchen, generates a slew of restaurants. Some look quite good.

Recently completed Long Walk Back a novel (creative, non-fiction with emphasis on creative). 

Published Online with God as a self-publishing experiment and it is available via Amazon. 

Link to Online With God Paperback on Amazon   

Please also read the review of Online With God  in the most current issue of the Apalachee Review. See files uploaded on this site.

You the Brand! Marketing the Individual published by China Fortune Press, Beijing China. Poems, essays, and cartoons published in major newspapers and trade magazines. 

SCABS, the short screenplay and TV Episode

Portland Comedy Film Festival Director Mikel Fair with Goddaughter Rebecca and her husband Matt.

SCABS won Best Short Screenplay at the Oaxaca FilmFest October 2018

Also pitched the JoJo Mama and the Voodoo Queen

SCABS wins Best TV Comedy Episode at the recent Portland Comedy Film Festival

First episode of SCAB S TV Comedy wins Best TV Comedy Episode at the November Portland Comedy Film Festival. Pictured left Mikel Fair, Director of the Festival presenting the award to Goddaughter Rebecca and her husband, Matt Hutchinson.


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Are there such things?

Other Work

FortuneKooky September 2017

A ten-minute comedy comprised of fourtune cookies

Ten-minute play. See review below.

Negative from new manuscript, Commutin' Train. Two women from Scarsdale.

This is a negative from my new manuscript, Commutin' Train that accompanies Two Women from Scarsdale

Review of Fortune Kooky


“ If you are familiar with the concept of a “found poem,” you will appreciate Lee Kitchen’s theatrical application of this idea in his clever short, FORTUNE KOOKY. After ten years of visits to Chinese restaurants, 95% of his dialogue is culled from the signature dessert. The story’s premise is simple, but there are immediate escalations and reversals that would make this play fun and challenging for its actors. Looking for a good short play for your festival? “Stop searching forever. Happiness is just next to you.” Greg Burdick, Playwright.

The JoJo Mama and the Voodoo Queen screenplay at  Colortape International Film Festival  Australia.

Editing, The Audition (Bronco's Dolls Go to Hollywood)


Bronco’s zany journey to Hollywood to an audition for his wacky dolls where they discover fame has a sad price they are eager to pay.

Voice overs recorded Monday, now for editing the original twelve minute version into the current twenty-three page version. The screenplay has been submitted to only one festival. Hope to have the film completed by the first week in June.



More Work and Testimonials

Terrarium Earth (Musical Comedy)


  • "The Clockwork Orange of Business PLays." Actors description after reading at Cinegym, Atlanta Also, see https://newplayexchange.org/users/12288/lee-kitchen Just completed revised version that incorporates American Sign Language and captions for Hard Of Hearing (HOH).

Online With God, G-Mail, The Ultimate Icon


See recent review in DOWNLOAD Section from the Apalachee Review, issue 67.

"Brilliant! Short stories in email format." Dr. Xue (Tianhai). Tianjin Foreign Studies University. 

to Online With God Paperback on Amazon   


"There are so few humorists left. But if you are looking for one, then I can assure that you can find one in Mr.Cucina and his excellent book Online With God (G-Mail} The Ultimate Icon.His e-mails from God to characters ranging from Foghorn Leghorn to Steven Spielberg are guaranteed to cause you to chuckle or smile (the true humorist's  goal). Get it today. I promise you that you will not be disappointed and you will recommended to your friends. "  CV, Amazon Post.

In submission


Just submitted SOS (Swans of Stratford)  to a contest in Canada. The only place it has been submitted. Beginning to submit the screenplay version of the JOJO MAMA and the VOODOO QUEEN to film festivals now. Also have two, ten-minute plays/shorts in the Sundance Collab, FOURTH-QUARTER PICK-UP and the first ten pages of my comedy, WFLO.. 

On the drawing board


You had to ask, right? New screenplays (Peyton and Pat's Story) , The Home (comedy, futuristic) and of course, the Chicken series.

Commutin' Train


Commutin’ Train is memoirish fiction consisting of side-by-side photographs/illustrations comparing the muses of a twenty-something-year-old on the left side of a spread with corresponding humorous reflections of an older writer many years later. On the left side of the spread are photographs and illustrations in B&W with poems or narratives, some published in the seventies and eighties. The right side consists mainly of 4/C photographs created with more humorous narratives during the past two years. 

Resume, Background and Laurels


Began career at J.Walter Thompson Advertising in New York and Chicago. Joined The Mentholatum Company as Marketing Director and member of the Executive Committee. Obtained MBA from University of Buffalo at nights while working as Marketing Director at the  Mentholatum Company.After receiving my MBA, I left corporate world to write full-time. Worked with the late NYC agent Glen Cowley on humor manuscript, MBA Guidebook.  Negotiating with LIttle Brown for advance when comparable book hit market. Learned a lesson: sent entire manuscript to several publishers a year before signing with agent.

Started business, Freelance Network working with freelancers in North America. Joined a client, Greater Buffalo Press, later Sullivan Graphics and then American Graphics. 

Left corporate world  again to write (a creative-non-fiction historical novel) that will be developed into a play and possible screenplay. Worked with the late Toni Mendez in NYC on humor book, Political Folksay  with artist Steve Sweny. Wrote first play that received recognition, JoJo Mama & The Voodoo Queen. Taught at colleges and universities while writing, leaving academia July 2016 to write  full-time.


  • BS and MA Journalism, University of Alabama. 
  • After leaving corporate world again, participated in the Alabama Writer's Project (Poetry and Short Story Courses)  studied under Marlin Barton (O'Henry Prize Winner) and poet, Peter Huggins. 
  • Moved to Tallahassee and participated in classes with Bob Shacochis and Janet Burroway at Florida State University. 
  • Attended workshops at Last Frontier Conference and Dramatist Guild. 
  • MBA degree in Buffalo when I sumultaneously developed humor manuscript, MBA Guidebook, while attending classes.
  •  Certificate for Photoshop.
  • Honorary Professor Tianjin Foreign Studies University


Board member of The Peyton Tuthill Foundation. Provides scholarships to students who have lost a family member to a homicide.   www.peytontuthillfoundation.org  

Also serve as board member for Ability First, Tallahassee, Florida. www.ability1st.info

Instructor for study abroad programs for FSU in Spain, London and China. Later, program director for Tallahassee Community College study abroad programs in Tianjin, China,. Traveled to China for past ten years.



Some ASL, minimal Mandarin and elementary Spanish



Dramatist Guild, Playwrights Guild of Canada;

Honorary Professor Tianjin Foreign Studies University. Board member Ability1st & Peyton Tuthill Foundation. Member SETC.

July waterfall in North Carolina